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Google announced to launch recently Google Earth on iPhone. It was 2005 when Google had launched Google Earth for Desktop and after the great success over 400 million unique download of Google Earth on Desktop now it has launched Earth for iPhone.

With the Google Earth you are able find local businesses and view geo-located photos. Now, this application you can download in free on your iPhone from iTunes App Store. With the Google Earth now world is in your palm, in your hand and you can fire up your desktop.

About the Google Earth writes,

“…You have access to the same great local search that you get with Google Maps, so you can search for places, businesses, and landmarks. With Google Earth you get to the full detail page for businesses, so you can get reviews, photos, user content, business hours, and other useful information. We also added a “search near me” feature, so with one touch you can find businesses near your location, without having to navigate there first or type in the name of the city…”

With the Earth iPhone is very convenient. You can swipe your finger across the screen and you will be able to find all over world on your iPhone. It is also for iPod. You can use zoom in and zoom out on your iPhone large screen to see your desired location by Google earth.

If you have planned to go outside from your country it will learn you about the destination of world.

Google launched the application for iPhone and iPod only but soon it will be for all touchscreen mobile soon. Like – Google mobile, Nokia touchscreen or Motorola touchscreen etc.

Apple launched mobile phone that name was iPhone. In the January 9, 2007 iPhone announced by Apple to launch the mobile. Apple iPhone known as touch screen phone in the world. In the mobile industry the mobile phone introduced as latest technology handsets.

It was more features phone than previous handsets by all the manufactures. It was known as a multi-touch screen phone. With the handsets virtual keyboard was rendered on the touch screen. Text messaging, visual voice mail, web browsing and email access made it a fantastic phone.

It had good look and it was called as smart phone. With the Apple iPhone its CEO Steve Jobs is for its introduction. A great man introduced the iPhone and Apple sold 270,000 handsets in the first 30 hours on launch weekend.

Touch Screen of iPhone:

The 9cm liquid crystal display with scratch-resistant the iPhone screen is specifically created for use with a finger. You can use multiple fingers for multi-touch sensing. iPhone screen is a capacitive touchscreen you can crawl the features with your soft finger.


On the screen of iPhone you can get all the features and button to access all the necessary functionalists of iPhone. It is most famous for its touchscreen features and large screen features.

Touchscreen iPhone Key Featues:

“About the key features of iPhone we can take a look about its functionalities:

3.5″ 16M-color TFT display with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels

Quad-band GSM support

Tri-band UMTS support with HSDPA

Built-in GPS receiver


8 to 16GB of onboard storage

Accelerometer, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor

2 megapixel camera

Silky smooth user interface with multi-touch user support

Unsurpassed web surfing experience

Push email with MS Exchange support

AppStore access for direct application download and installation

Redone rear

TV-out port”

(Key Features has been taken by this post : iPhone Key features)

In the series of touchscreen mobile phone iPhone is the first phone who get a decent popularity and sold a large number of phone.

Introduction of Apple iPhone and Touch Screen Mobiles

Welcome to the mobile phone blog. It is in reviews and introduction of Apple iPhone and touch screen mobile phones. In the recent updates all the manufactures trying to sell the mobile phone as a touch screen phones.

Apple iPhone is a big name in the world of mobile phones. Because it has sold a large number of iphone. Customer of iphone has been increased rapidly and mobile phone market has been changed as technological development.

iPhone was not a mobile phone it was a technological device for mobile phone users. The iphone user can access all the web included video “YouTube” and handle much software. It was changed the world of mobile.

After the success of iPhone most of manufactures has decided to launch touch screen with technological features. It was the competition in mobile phone market. Users also need to not a mobile phone but a mobile phone with latest technology.

It was the development of web 3.0 which introduced this type of software with touch screen phones.

In the series of Google Android mobile is 1st. Now, Google mobile is in main competition of iPhone.

Along with Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola and Samsung trying to cover touch screen consumers. But I thing there is major fight now in this industry to get the customer.

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