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Sony Ericsson Kiki

These days Sony Ericsson is launching only unique and green phone. Recently, the company has revealed a transparent screen phone – Sony Ericsson Kiki. You can’t believe if I say that the phone has not keypad. The phone is green and without keys. Sony Ericsson Kiki is a transparent screen phone. You can say it is a glass screen phone without back.

It is being said that the phone has something extra than others. You can imagine that how possible a phone without keys is. Kiki concept starts with eco-friendly mobile and goes with transparent screen.

In the recent days, Sony Ericsson has already launched two green mobiles. The company is trying to give users some green mobiles to stop global warming. Continuously, Sony Ericsson has given stress on global warming. The company tries to reduce global warming by its technological products.

Sony Ericsson Kiki is a further mobile by the company to reduce some global warming globally. The phone has been launched with a unique concept which has not keys. It is green mobile and it has transparent screen.

However, LG also already has launched this type of amazing phone but that was not green. In this series Sony Ericssion is one step ahead which have launched Kiki on the concept of LG but it has given some unique concept in it.

There are no screen icons also in the smartphone. Sony Ericsson Kiki is a slide phone. In the market there is popularizing evidence of the mobile still. What would be response of the phone is still undecided.