Lava Mobile Launches Lava A9 in India

Lava A9 mobile

Mobile phones manufacture company, Lava Mobile introduced its latest model – Lava A9 in Indian mobile market. The mobile has been announced to launch as high technology at affordable price.

Lava A9 has 2.4 inch TFT screen display with 3.2 megapixel camera. The phone is Java-enabled also. It has 256 MB internal memory and it can be expanded upto 8 GB. The phone has been designed to target those Indian customers who are looking for technically sound handset at affordable price.

The most interesting aspect of the phone is multimedia formats which support – MP3, MP4, FM and Bluetooth. Lava A9 mobile phone has a very powerful battery with 920mAh. It has preloaded applications – Opera Mini and Nimbuzz.

The most common key features of Lava A9:

Display: 2.4″ TFT

3.2 Megapixel Camera

FM Radio

MP3/MP4 Player


256 MB Internal Memory

microSD card Upto 8 GB

JAVA support


Nimbuzz Instant messenger

Opera Mini browser

EDGE/GPRS support

WAP 2.0


The simplest key features of Lava A9 mobile are very attractive and technically strong. The mobile phone is being launched to target Indian customers. The phone can surly not be a competitor of Motorola Droid but it can beat the market of Nokia 1202.

Attractive parts of Lava A9 are pre-installed Nimbuzz and Opera Mini utilities. The most liked aspect of the phone is 2.4-inch TFT display screen and 3.2 MP camera features. Design and looks of Lava A9 mobile phone is really very impressive.

Cashing design and beautiful looks make it the better phone than others. There is no doubt about the success of the phone because of its compatibility and advance key features.

In the competitive market, demand of lower price mobile with advance technological features is growing day-by-day. Lava A9 is fulfilling all the demand and needs of Indian consumers.

  1. prashanth

    lava A9 mobile looking is very good.
    but i want to know about battery backup.
    and also price.

  2. bikram

    i wanna take this one buut what will be tha battery backup

  3. Murali

    I write this review of A9 handset with mixed feelings.Firstly, i see that marketing has been done with features like 3.2MP camera, 256MB internal memory, dual sim and others.
    I found the following bad:
    1. I see that the camera performance is really bad which is comparable to that of a VGA camera or 1.3MP camera.It does not have facility to zoom-in, zoom-out.
    2. Also the internal memory is 64MB only.
    3. Messaging is a bit difficult.

    I need someone who has bought this handset confirm the same.I need to know if my handset alone is having these problems or it is general handset problem.

    Appreciate if someone could respond to this query of mine.


    • rajesh

      ya, u r right. really very bad features. while typing sms, everytime we have to change into dictionary mode. u cant keep permanently dictionary mode. if u activate D’mode, u cant type names in contacts.
      In case while typing in dictionary mode, think that u ve typed two sentence, same time u ve received a sms, then automatically the typed contents will be deleted.
      totally its a mobile without features.
      for me battery backup is very bad- its just 8am to 10pm, for only sms n calls. for every 20 sms m losinng one point of battery

  4. Simran


    I have bought Lava A9 phone and its battery backup is very good. I am using 2 sims in it and i have good usage and i neen not charge it for 2 days for around 2-3 hours radio/mp3 player and 2-3 hours daily talking with frequent sms’ing. i find messaging also comfortable. it almost similar to Nokia the only problem is that there is no record of recent message recipients. apart from the other problem is u cannot change radio with handsfree wire button u have to touch ur cell only. Otherwise the phone has many features which are not there in nokia phones. camera is not very good i agree but video recorder is good. also camera is better than 2 MP nokia but as it doesnt have flash.In daylight the camera takes very good pics. I am quite satisfied.It is indeed value for money. I bought it for 4600 Rs in Delhi from Go Mobile.

  5. inderpreet

    Hello i m using lava a9 mobile the problem faced by me in lava is when i used the music player of this cell phone then refresh list option and music library options doesnot work properly please somebody given me an advice to fix this problem

  6. Kalyan

    Worst phones i have ever had. Have serious software problems. Camera is of VGA , just boasts that its a 3.2MP. Cannot install additional themes. Cannot refresh music player.Second SIM cannot work properly. Cannot take 3.2 MP photos. Customercare do not respond. No service available. Website does not work. No updates for software, etc. Worst choice to buy a new phone.

  7. Shah

    Lava has launched business mobile B5 costs just Rs. 4399. It has QWERTY Keypad *2.2 Inches TFT ( Thin Film Transistor ) screen with 320*240 pixels resolution * 2 MP Camera * Powerful 1400mAh *Battery *FM Radio with recording*Micro SD Card support upto 8 GB *Dual SIM Phone *Internal Memory RAM 64 MB * Email * Opera mini web browser * Nimbuzz * Java * Phonebook 1000 contacts * Phonebook Backup * Multi format Video and Audio formats * Privacy protection * Auto answering * Business features * 3.5 mm Audio universal jack * Battery capacity: 1400 mAh * SMS, EMS, MMS * Scheduled SMS * WAP 2.0 * Auto answer, call recorder, conference call & auto redial

    • M D Kumar

      Hi Shah

      I have a Lava KKT24 handset. But the problem is that i am not able to make conference calls.
      When i try to do so, it says unable to connect..

      Guys pls help me out.

  8. lava a9 mobile i am burches trichy poorvica mobile show room price rs 4350.this mobil is worst.this model camera is not 3.2 megapiex only vga camera.

  9. Hemant Gupta


    I have purchased a Lava A9 mobile on 07/07/2010. I have found many problems while operating the mobile like:

    1. Mobile turns off when i click the still camera
    2. No zoom option in still camera
    3. Music Player options are not working
    4. Phone Book Back-up is not working
    5. Charger got damaged after one month of purchase.

    I have made the above complains to your retailer. About charger, he kept it 2 months ago and told me to replace within 2-3 days but I did not got yet,
    today he was offering me a duplicate charger i did not accept.

    About Mobile, he kept it 1 month ago and assured that he will replace the mobile with a new one within a week as promised when he sold to me the mobile by saying that “If I get any trouble while operating the handset during guarantee period he will replace it with a new one” with this offer only I purchased the said handset.

    Unfortunetly, today with argument he refuse to change the handset and returned it in the same condition after keeping it for one month.I did not got the charger yet he wanted another 10 days to replace the charger or he want to change with a duplicate charger.

    Sir, I wanted to know is this appropriate way to deal with a customer? I am really upset he cheated me and I never suggest any person to buy any LAVA mobile.

    Kind Regards,
    Hemant Gupta
    Hojai, Assam

  10. S.Mohanraj, Harur,TN

    many problems are faced when using this mobile. is very worst
    2.not compatible for sending message

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