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Opera is a browser like Safari, S60 etc. it allow users to access their system on the operation. Mini Opera which is known as Opera mobile are much capable browser for any mobile phones. As I mentioned that Opera is a desktop browser also for windows and Apple machine and it has created a Opera Mini to run on the iPhone. But it is very bad news that Apple won’t allow to offer the application for iPhone users on its Apple Store.

Mobile browsing experience shows that Opera Mini or Opera Mobile has greater experience than mobile Internet Explorer, most WAP browsers and even the S60 browser. It has been tasted on many mobile phones also.

Apple iPhone’s Safari browser has also great experience but Opera developing a new platform as Opera Mini to run on the mobile phone. Opera CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner says, “Opera’s engineers have developed a version of Opera Mini that can run on an Apple iPhone, but Apple won’t let the company release it because it competes with Apple’s own Safari browser.”

Opera Mini and Opera Mobile offer a better mobile browsing experience rather than others however apple won’t allow the application on the iPhone. I don’t know what is the reason behind it but the something is more clear that iPhone want to be an independent phone.

I think it is also not true because there are many application of iPhone has been released with the collaboration of Google. Even YouTube also has given much contribution on the iPhone.

Recently, the news shows its collaboration with Google on the occasion of Google Earth with iPhone release.

After all it is clear that iPhone want to be a stronger brand however the good things are involving with it but all will be decided by the approval of Apple.

Google announced to launch recently Google Earth on iPhone. It was 2005 when Google had launched Google Earth for Desktop and after the great success over 400 million unique download of Google Earth on Desktop now it has launched Earth for iPhone.

With the Google Earth you are able find local businesses and view geo-located photos. Now, this application you can download in free on your iPhone from iTunes App Store. With the Google Earth now world is in your palm, in your hand and you can fire up your desktop.

About the Google Earth writes,

“…You have access to the same great local search that you get with Google Maps, so you can search for places, businesses, and landmarks. With Google Earth you get to the full detail page for businesses, so you can get reviews, photos, user content, business hours, and other useful information. We also added a “search near me” feature, so with one touch you can find businesses near your location, without having to navigate there first or type in the name of the city…”

With the Earth iPhone is very convenient. You can swipe your finger across the screen and you will be able to find all over world on your iPhone. It is also for iPod. You can use zoom in and zoom out on your iPhone large screen to see your desired location by Google earth.

If you have planned to go outside from your country it will learn you about the destination of world.

Google launched the application for iPhone and iPod only but soon it will be for all touchscreen mobile soon. Like – Google mobile, Nokia touchscreen or Motorola touchscreen etc.