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Today, I got the most popular handset of LG – LG Cookies KP500 in my hand. The touch screen phone has amazing usability and finger touch experiences. There are only 3 key buttons on the phone – cancel, receive and menu. The slide phone offers wider touch-screen. Just roll your finger and get softest experiences from the phone.

Just press your softest finger on any option of this phone and get browse a new windows. You will be able to get everything in this single phone. Usability of the phone is really great from others.

Just take a view of LG Cookies KP500 Key Features:

Communicate features of the phone offer – call settings, dialing, speed dials, contracts, call history, new message, new email and messaging.

You can enjoy entertainment features of LG KP500 with – gallery, my stuff, camera, video camera, movie studio, music, FM radio, games & application.

Utilities of LG Cookies offers – browser, organizer, alarms, voice recorder, drawing panel and tools.

Setting features of LG Cookies KP500 have – profiles, screen settings, phone settings, call settings, touch setting, Bluetooth and connectivity.

These are the just some main features of LG Cookies KP500. You will able to enjoy some other lots of feature in this phone in just one touch.

Wider screen of LG Cookies KP500 offers a menu bar that can be dragged by your softest finger touch. Looks, style, design and usability are another most attractive aspect of LG Cookies KP500.

Beautiful and colorful touch-screen of LG KP500 mobile phone surly attracts once a customer. Colorful light of the phone is really very attractive.

I just liked the most – drawing panel. You can draw or write anything in your style by touching your finger or stick. That is very simple and enjoying. I can say that LG Cookies is one of the best touch-screen mobile phones. I can compare the phone with Motorola Droid.

You can take a view of some LG Cookies Images also:

Application of LG Cookies KP500

LG Cookies

LG Cookies KP500

LG Cookies KP500 Mobile

LG KP500

Nowadays, LG BL40 Chocolate new mobile phone of LG is in the news. LG introduces BL40 Chocolate mobile phone with 5MP camera and touch-screen features. The company introduces new handset of Chocolate series. It is a good looking and cashing design mobile.

LG has already released official images of the handset. We should know that LG is already the most famous in mobile market with its chocolate series. We can say it is BlackLabel series of this handset because BL40 is coming in black colour.

There is great rumor about this mobile phone also. Still, features of the handsets has not revealed officially. The mobile is set to launch in late August, 2009. We can conclude some specification of the handset by rumor.

LG BL40 Chocolate

We are expecting that the LG BL40 chocolate would be equipped with:

S-class screen user-interface

Full Touchscreen with 21:9 aspect ratios

5MP camera equipped with LED flash and auto-focus

Wi-Fi feature




16:9 or 4:3 screens

Image Gallery

Music, movies and Games

These are the maximum features of LG BL40 chocolate which have been collected through rumor. It is being said that it would be better in battery life and music player quality.

There is not great debate about the mobile but yes, the mobile is now much awaited once. Its design is gregarious which is never seen before. Its functionality it is better than its previous series.

On the screen, its keys are fixed like Apple iPhone. It is a mobile which will feel your finger’s sensation and moves as fast as you can. It is not me, who rumoring the mobile features but it is video of the handset which has described it.

I am concluding my thought on LG BL40 chocolate because it could be perfect only after having introduced. From my point of view it would lead mobile market because of its design and touch-screen functionality.